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The Media Literacy Multiverse™ (MLM) is a learning application appropriate for students in grades 9-12 and at the college level. The application can be included as a unit in courses in social studies, English/language arts, history, government, civics, digital literacy, media and information literacy, communications, journalism, public relations, and social sciences.

Students learn how to assess the credibility of information, what makes an information source authoritative, how the news media frame stories, how to identify disinformation, and why certain content spreads widely on social media. In addition, students consider the impact of artificial intelligence on information literacy, as well as the effects of constant media exposure.

The MLM contains six learning levels:

  • Level 1: Explore the 21st century media universe.
  • Level 2: Journey into the constellation of trust and credibility.
  • Level 3: Orbit the world of information sources.
  • Level 4: Travel through the 24-hour news cycle.
  • Level 5: Enter a world of dark matter — disinformation, conspiracy theories, and social media virality.
  • Level 6: Learn how media and artificial intelligence shape our perceptions of the world.

The MLM package

The MLM learning package includes access to the following items:

Flight Manual

An 80-page guide through the MLM. Includes six chapters, exercises, resources, and references. Available as a printable e-book.

MLM website

Includes brief videos that accompany each lesson in the flight manual, interactive quizzes and exercises.

MLM technology

Patented software that enables students to evaluate the newsworthiness of a set of facts and predict virality on social media.

Learning Standards

The MLM includes a reference guide with suggestions for aligning exercises with selected Common Core State Standards. Lessons include exercises that require students to use critical thinking skills, compare and contrast arguments, determine central ideas, interpret words and phrases, analyze the structure of texts, gather and analyze information from sources, delineate and evaluate arguments and claims, present information and findings, analyze point of view and emphasis, develop claims and counterclaims, evaluate reasoning, cite evidence, integrate multiple sources, and learn how to be an effective media consumer.

Review the MLM reference guide for Common Core State Standards

Next steps

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